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Spice Up Your Health!

By Jennette Cable on January 27, 2014

January has been a blog-fest for building immunity and boosting your health.  One of my biggest passions is teaching clients how to use their food as their medicine.  Spices are a fantastic and flavorful addition to both your palate and your wellness regime.  Here are the spices that I recommend most often:


Chili Powder:  Joint PainChili Poweder

Chili powder contains capsaicin, which is know to have anti-inflammatory effect on arthritic joints.

Suggestion:  Shake liberal amounts onto potatoes and other snack foods



CinnamonCinnamon: Heart Disease & Type II Diabetes

Cinnamon is known to lower blood glucose, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.  In addition to antioxidants, cinnamon contains polyphenols, which act like insulin that help regulate blood sugar.


Jazz up coffee, sprinkle on oatmeal,  sprinkle on apples, etc.!



Ginger:  Pregnancy nausea, seasickness, motion sickness, analgesicGinger


Add a dash to lemonade or tea; sprinkle onto cooked vegetables; lacto-ferment for a tasty and probiotic-rich condiment.


Favorite recipe:

When sick with a cold, brew 1 cup hot water, juice of one quarter  lemon, 1 teaspoon of honey, and 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger to encourage fast healing!



OreganoOregano: Anti-aging, anti-bacterial, cancer fighter

Oregano has been proven effective in fighting the bacterial disease know as giardia and is a powerful source of antioxidants (42 times the antioxidant activity of apples!).


Infuse your olive oil, sprinkle into soups, and add to salad dressing



Red Pepper: Anti-aging, anti-cancer, immune booster, anti-inflammatory, lower cholesterolRed Hot Pepper

Red Pepper is rich in Vitamins A, C, and K, lycopene, and more.  The capsaicin acts on pain receptors; kills the bacteria that causes ulcers; lowers blood cholesterol; and increases body heat production, which aids in weight loss.



Sprinkle on hummus, pizza, salad, soup… anything!


Favorite recipe:

Create your own spiced salt by combining the following:  sea salt, paprika, cumin, and ground red pepper!



RosemaryRosemary:  Immune function support and circulatory aid


Brush organic, free-range chicken with rosemary and olive oil before roasting.



Thyme: Improve cognitive function, heart health, and reduce inflammation 

Thyme contains a variety of beneficial compounds, including but not limited to flavonoids, which boost this herb’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.



Use to flavor stews and soups, vegetables and casseroles, and marinades.  Dress up mushrooms, seafood, and tuna salad!  Try it in scrambled eggs!




Yellow Curry: Protection against Alzheimer’s Disease and cancerYellow Curry

The yellow pigment in curry powder is called curcumin and may thwart development of the amyloid brain plaques found in Alzheimer’s patients.  Other studies suggest that curcumin inhibits the growth of cancer cells.



Spice up rice, casseroles, mac n’ cheese, or mix into mayo as a delicious sandwich spread!  Be creative!



Please leave a comment with one of your favorite recipes or healthful suggestions!



Jennette Cable, ND, CTN, CCH, ST is in private practice as a traditional naturopath, classical homeopath, and sound therapist.  She is also the founder and director of Creative Care & Wellness Center,  a holistic wellness facility that celebrates the synergy between the creative expressive arts and holistic health through a creative array of classes, programs, and practitioners offering various holistic healing modalities.



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