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Whisker WednesdaysTM Kitten Yoga

Creative Care & Wellness Center: Whisker Wednesdays Kitten YogaKitten behavior is highly effective for asana demonstration. Kitten’s flexibility and ability to live in the moment provide wonderful examples of the yoga lifestyle in practice. Being around kittens creates a mood enhancement effect that truly adds to the practice. Kitten engagement helps the participant stay focused on the joy and process of the practice of yoga, thereby supporting a flexible spirit within.

Clinical studies in sound healing have also recorded the vibrational frequency of the cat purr as being anywhere between 25-150 Hertz, with most breeds of cats purring between 25-50 Hertz. Exposure to vibrational frequencies between 20-50 Hertz has been shown to increase bone density, stimulate the healing of bone fractures, and shorten the length of time required for this healing. Vibrations between 20-140 Hertz are the same frequencies used in biomechanical stimulation, the technology used by physical therapists and chiropractors to relax muscles, reduce pain and swelling of muscle and tendon tissue, and increase flexibility of the same. Creative Care & Wellness Center houses a sound healing treatment room and uses these same frequencies for stress reduction and mood enhancement, which helped to spark the idea for adding the vibrational frequencies of kitty purrs into a yoga class.


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